Our Partners


BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH

A manufacturer of household appliances in Germany and Europe. In addition, it is one of the largest companies in this industry in the world, carrying out production, trade and service. Product range covers large and small household appliances. One of the main principles of BSH together with innovative solutions is to offer consumers comfort and operating convenience. The company BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH regularly participates in social and charity events around the world, benefiting people in the broadest sense of the word.

Magazine “Bolshoy”


A modern city magazine. It focuses on metropolitan life, its heroes and events. "Bolshoy" tells about life in the modern world and everything that could be interesting to a cosmopolitan.

Culture, society, travel, business, city - is not a complete list of all those themes that are present in the magazine.  On the pages of Bolshoy you will find anything that might be interesting to modern, intellectually rich people.

"Bolshoy" is thoughtfully monitoring new trends in Mass Media, one of the first to respond to new developments and to offer fresh solutions.


Stepanovski, Papakul and partners


A Law Office with the most kind and caring lawyers. We help clients to clarify various questions not only in the matter of business, but also to choose the most favorable scenario of actions in almost all life cases.





A shop studio for hobby and art work with a wide range of products for different techniques and trends. Due to the materials presented in the store, you will be able not only to spend your free time with interest, but also to find practical application to your hobby:  you can easily surprise your loved ones with original gifts, decorate your house and renovate the interior.





One of the most advanced products in the world of hair care and styling. The main active component of all the cosmetics BioSilk is liquid silk.

It is thanks to silk that BioSilk works wonders with your hair - it comes to life every time you take care of them. After all, natural silk contained in BioSilk is similar in composition to human hair.




5 element


A dynamic, efficient and successful national company offering the best solutions in the world of home appliances and electronics to all the residents of Belarus.



Fur and Leather Salon "Ekaterina"


The products of the best manufacturers of fur and leather from Italy, Germany and Greece. They are characterized by high quality and a large number of non-standard solutions. Classical mink, exclusive caracul, rare sheared pony - a variety of textures and patterns can surprise even the most demanding customer. And unusual models, created by various designers, will help you to look always stylish and original.



Shops "Modny domik"


The Shops "Modny Domik" represent a wide range of clothing, shoes, hats, baby clothes and accessories for children from 1 year to 16 years made in Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium and Germany.



"Apelsin" - a private kindergarten and school


A private kindergarten and school. "Apelsin" today represents the interest in knowledge, the desire to achieve high results, and individual approach, inexhaustible creativity, bright, exciting life. This educational institution, which is not less important, is situated out of town.



School of Good Taste Gourmet


Exclusive gastronomic tours, themed cooking classes with the best chefs  in the city, guest foreign gastronomy stars of the first magnitude, technical demonstration classes for lovers of innovation, really warm homemade birthday parties with a personal chef, cooking holiday parties  for children with professional animators , promotions for various celebrations, lessons and secrets of tasty and healthy food , as well as, a lot of surprises and gifts.