About our foundation

Minsk socio-economic foundation "Pure Action" was created by a team of volunteers, consisting of representatives of business, Mass Media and education.


The goals of our foundation are:

the development of CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects in the field of culture, education, healthy lifestyles, volunteer movement, ecology, creation of tourist attractions in Belarus and support of multi-child families.


Our mission

  • Development of corporate communication and social responsibility of business in Belarusian society, support of the development of social and economic spheres;

  • promotion of cooperation and dialogue between public institutions, businesses community and government authorities;

  • support of projects and initiatives of public and business structures by  local authorities;

  • comprehensive assistance and active participation in creating necessary conditions for decent life and full development of children;

  • Maintenance of the priority of family values;

  • Targeted support of multi-child families, family-type homes; development of children’s creativity.



  • maintenance and enhancement of the level of education by means of  Mass Media and educational institutions;

  • formation of responsibility for one’s actions and thoughts about the surrounding world;

  • support of the culture of corporate social responsibility of business in the city of Minsk;

  • information support of projects in the field of strategic planning and corporate social responsibility;

  • support and promotion of healthy lifestyles and high achievements in sports;

  • integration of business community in the city of Minsk for the purpose of socio-economic development, attraction of investments in the city of Minsk, and assistance in the implementation of investment projects on its territory;

  • dissemination of ideas and principles of corporate social responsibility to the business community, improvement of the culture of corporate social responsibility among legal persons in Minsk;

  • promotion of cultural awareness of Belarusian society;

  • search for potential investors in order to attract their attention to the Republic of Belarus, assistance and support in the implementation of projects in accordance with the statutory goals of our foundation "Pure Action";

  • support of Belarusian economic entities in their own investment projects;

  • contribution to the protection, preservation, revitalization and promotion of national spiritual and moral, historical and cultural heritage;

  • attraction of public attention to the problems of children;

  • integration of society and business community in order to meet the challenges associated with quality life improvement of the younger generation, development and deepening of cooperation in the field of studying and solving the problems of children;

  • crowdfunding (financial, material and other resources) in order to support multi-child and vulnerable families, needy and sick children, children with disabilities, family-type homes;

  • helping children and young people in the development of their intellectual and creative abilities, creating conditions for the development of young talents;

  • organization and conduct of charity events and activities for children and teenagers, including joint holidays and rehabilitation for children with disabilities and their healthy peers;

  • moral and patriotic education of the younger generation, promotion of love for one’s country, its culture and traditions among children and teenagers.


Understanding and acceptance by the companies of social responsibility had led to the origin of the term "corporate social responsibility" (CSR) by the end of the 20th century. CSR is generally understood as ethical behavior of organizations in relation to human society.


In the first place, CSR is the performance of social obligations imposed by law, and the willingness to carry strictly relevant obligatory expenses. In the second place, CSR is the willingness to carry voluntarily optional social expenses beyond the limits established by tax, labor, environmental and other legislation, not on the basis of law, but as a matter of moral and ethical compulsion.


At large, CSR involves:

  • production of sufficient quantities of goods and services the quality of which meets all the required standards, in compliance with all the legal requirements;

  • respect of the rights of employees to work safely under certain social guarantees, including the creation of new jobs;

  • promotion of staff’s skill development;

  • protection of the environment and preservation of non-renewable resources;

  • protection of cultural heritage;

  • support of the efforts of the authorities in the territory development where the organization is located, support of local social institutions;

  • help for low-income families, the disabled, orphans and the elderly;

  • Compliance with generally accepted legal and ethical standards of business conduct.

To summarize, it is worth noting that the concept of corporate social responsibility is based on the concept of 3P, which consists in the fact that the head of the organization should pay equal attention to income (profit), care about staff, clients and partners (people) and measures aimed at protecting environment (planet).

CSR is a obligatory component of corporate governance in all the developed countries