In the Light of His Light: the cosmism of Grigor Danielian’s works

On March 17, a regular meeting "A Man from Kemerovo" was held at the restaurant within the wellness club “Evo”. At this time the intellectual communication club invited a Belarusian artist of Armenian origin, Grigor Danielian.


Trying to gain an insight into the nature of the spiritual, the artist creates paintings glowing from within. Taking as a basis a mythological subject, Danielian fills the painting with multidimensional symbols, which can be read by a viewer according to the level of their personal spiritual experience. Having practiced Raja Yoga for almost two decades, the highest aim of which is to communicate with the divine, the artist continues to follow its main postulate: do not try to change the world, change yourself.

The imprints of the spiritual changes can be seen on the paintings: each of them - the whole world, and, by the way, the result of hard work of many months.

It takes Grigor Danielian about a year, and in some cases - about five years to create each painting. The sophisticated technology of glazing is similar to meditation: a painting is covered with paint by small areas, and as a result of 15-18 hours of work every day new unique stories and images are born. On each of the paintings there are up to 40-50 coats of paint, and it's an apt metaphor for what is depicted on them - the soul glowing from within, owing to many life trials and hard self-improvement.

The first collection is entitled "In the Light of His Light", it includes 10 small easel paintings in the technique of glazing. Thanks to the mystical light on the mysterious dark paintings we see mythological characters: here we see the bird Simurgh, and Mystic Fish and the dancing Salome and Judith with the Head of Holofernes. As acknowledged by the artist, each image reflects the vibration of High Spirit and the way of soul perfection.


The second collection "To the Infinity" is represented by 10 paintings in the style of cosmism on the themes of the Flood, Chaos, Infinity and the Birth of the World, reflecting the allegorical images of the Masters, whose High spirit in the harmony with Eternity is ahead of Time and Space.

Grigor Danielian is widely known in many parts of the world, his works are present in a lot of private collections and museums in two dozens of countries. Some works that were presented at the meeting are sold by the artist; a part of the funds raised from the sale of the paintings will go to the expense of the foundation "Pure Action" in the form of voluntary donations for the implementation of its statutory objectives and the assistance to children suffering ICP.


Elena Malinowskaya