Нам всегда приятно оказывать помощь тем, кому она нужна. Но вдвойне приятно получать от семей благодарственные письма!

They are thankful to us

The Semenovs:

Dear organizers of the charity event "Big Family", thank you very much for this evening! Everything was just great! You organized everything at the highest level. Our children loved the clown. The master classes were a wonderful catch for those who wanted a peaceful pastime. The food was very tasty and unusual and very convenient - one bite (even children could not make themselves dirty). It seems that you have foreseen everything. Thanks a lot! Special thanks for the gifts. A magnificent masterpiece fridge was delivered quickly and even placed in the desired corner of the room and not left at the door, as it often happens to large-sized things. Thank you for the gifts for the children – now they have all the necessary and useful things. The big surprise was the gift card from "5 element". Thank you! You worked a real New Year's miracle. Everything was great and unexpected. Thanks again! Happy New Year! Let this year be rich in pleasant events, lavish gifts, joyful moments and unexpected surprises.  We wish you health and strength in the new year, success and new achievements. Let this year be the year of new opportunities and new achievements. Let your dreams come, bringing satisfaction and joy from the work done. Thank you for your hard work and attention!

Juliana Naumova-Verameyko:

On December 29, 2013 we were invited to a charity event "Big Family". And then we saw that Christmas and New Year is a time of miracles and fulfillment of dreams. You know, we have not done anything unusual in this life, but we have children. Of course, there are all sorts of situations and we meet various people. But our family is lucky: in our life there are a lot of good people who understand and approve our life stance. We did not expect such a flurry of gifts, which came upon us during the evening. We were just overwhelmed with smiles, good mood and surprises! It is impossible to remain indifferent when all people around you do good ... We are grateful to all the organizers of the evening. Those were happy moments, minutes, and instants. God bless all these people. Of course, we do not remember everyone, but still we will try to mention them ... We express our gratitude to Private joint-stock company "Patio" and the General Director  Morozov Maxim, "5 Element", the manufacturer of household appliances Bosch and Siemens, the city magazine "Bolshoy" and numerous individual entrepreneurs who took part in the evening. As well as the artists, the trainers at the master classes, the actors, the animators, the show presenter Kuryanov and all-all-all. Special thanks we express to the person who invited us to this evening - Natalia. Thank you for your attention and understanding: sometimes we just lack understanding and support.

Letters of thanks