Big family. Christmas

On December 29, Belarusian Drama Theater hosted a charity evening "Big Family" in favor of multi-child families, the orphanage, the Disabled Children Association. General partners: the company Bosch-Siemens, the retail chain "5 Element", the city magazine "Bolshoy."

The event "Big Family" was held for the first time. The goals of the event, which were set by the organizers: charity and social assistance, including the development of children’s and adults’ creative abilities, the education of elite, the support of the birth rate in Belarus, the strengthening of family traditions and values.

"Big family" invited Minsk and Zhirovichi multi-child families, the Disabled Children Association (with handcrafted souvenirs), young artists who presented their paintings on the charity fair, as well as socially responsible citizens of our city. The media support of the event and its coverage were carried out by the magazine "Bolshoy" and “Famous”,,, and other mass media.

The evening was conducted by Denis Kurian, there was an exhibition of children's works in the gallery "Artplat". A charity fair was organized, to which the multi-child families brought cakes, handcrafted items, jewelry and souvenirs. There was a buffet, and then the multi-child families and the artists painted Siemens refrigerators. The children were entertained by the animators, a few master classes were held by "HobbyLand" and the famous Belarusian artists and the culinary school "Gourmet".


During the evening a special New Year's performance "Dva charounyh parasona" was organized for all the children invited to the event.  There were master classes for adults, art therapy, Bosch showed the process of cooking a famous salad Olivie with a special attachment for dicing.

Each of the 17 invited large families at the end of the evening was presented with an unusual art object – hand painted refrigerator Siemens. The retail chain of household appliances and electronics presented 17 families with VIP gift certificates, each for a total amount of 5 000 000 rubles. All the funds raised during the charity evening were used to buy all the necessities, educational games, and more for Minsk multi-child families, Dzerzhinsk shelter, the Disabled Children Association. In addition to the refrigerators and the gift certificates from "5 Element", each family was presented with gifts from our sponsors: the leather and fur salon “Ekaterina”, the law office "Stepanovski, Papakul and partners," the company Farouk – a distributor of hair cosmetics CHI and BioSilk in Belarus, the retail chain «Modny Domik» and the individuals.