Ballet as an embodiment of a dream!

The charity event organized by the foundation "Pure Action" together with Joint Stock Company "Priorbank", found the liveliest response in the hearts of the children invited. And no wonder: all the children who took part in the event, watched ballet for the first time in their lives!

The initiative started on December 18, 2014, during the Christmas Charity Gala Dinner "Big Family", held in Dipservice Hall, the foundation "Pure Action" announced the decision of "Priorbank" to sponsor the visits of children from multi-child families living in different parts of Belarus to the Bolshoi Theater.


Christmas and New Year is a time when dreams come true and the most incredible stories are materialized, thus the children were invited to the ballets performances based on fairy tales and novels. The administration of the Bolshoi Theater chose convenient dates and provided good places where children can freely observe what is happening on the stage. With the financial aid of "Priorbank" the comfortable buses of "Stroytur" were provided and the children were brought from their homes to the theater and back home, and the tickets to the performances were purchased.


On the eve of the theatre attendance of the play "Sleeping Beauty" Chizhevichi Sunday School in Soligorsk district organized lessons for their students on the theme of the theater, and the foundation "Pure Action" provided a few audio lectures on theater arts and etiquette, to which the children listened on the buses.

On January 16, 2015, 100 orphans from the family type homes of Mogilev region were invited by the Belarusian Children's Fund to watch the play "Don Quixote". On January, 28, 100 children from the multi-child families, the single-parent families and the orphans from family-type homes and the foster families from Soligorsk and Soligorsk district were invited to the play "Sleeping Beauty". On February, 20 ballet "The Nutcracker" was attended by 100 children from the multi-child families and the single-parent families from Soligorsk district.


Minsk socio-economic foundation "Pure Action" sincerely hopes that this theater initiative, which aroused bright positive emotions in children and marked the beginning of a deeper interest in the theater, will become a tradition, and a lot of children from single-parent and multi-child families, family-type homes and foster families will be able to touch the wonderful world of art!